IB Distribution Agreement

We are the Market Leaders for personal Ionic Technology, manufacturing unique innovative products for the fitness, wellness and sports performance market. As part of our continued global expansion we are looking for distributors in key worldwide locations.

A distributor to be fully responsible for an agreed area (Area of Operation). A distributor would be expected to have a number of contacts throughout the Area of Operation and to actively and diligently promote the sale of the Products in the Area of Operation. Ionic Balance shall refer to Distributor inquiries for Products in the Area of Operation. You must also maintain a competent and experienced sales force sufficient to adequately serve the area of operation, this is to be agreed between the Distributor and Ionic Balance. A preferred price will be put in place and also minimum order for initial order, subsequent orders and total units ordered over a 12 month period. You are able to sell the products via the web, retail distribution channels, a physical location or by any other means agreed with Ionic Balance. All distributors must agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in our distributor agreement.

We have a very large manufacturing capacity and a flexible approach to negotiations and will consider all sizes of businesses to partner with.

Ionic Balance is a fast paced company with a continually growing product profile. We release on average 5 new products a year; new products maintain interest and encourage secondary and repeat buying. Our product lines including a full range of fitness and training accessories endorsed by many international athletes.

We deliver rapid support to help promote and sell the product. We provide you with marketing to use on your web site and in store. You will have access to all our current product images and web and Facebook banners and ads that have worked well for us. We provide all retail packaging and retail stands for shops.

For more information and to become a Distributor please email¬† [email protected]