Eco Policy


Green Operations

At Ionic Balance we take environmental considerations very seriously. We have implemented a number of initiatives to make our service greener and more sustainable without compromising on performance or price. We approach this by avoiding unnecessary use of resources, and minimising the environmental impact of the activities which are necessary to operate our business. We operate a virtually paperless office. All customer communication and billing is carried out electronically. This is also true of internal communications. Emails and memos are never printed unless absolutely necessary.



RecyclingIonic Balance makes efforts to avoid waste across the organisation, including company vehicles and within the office. All hardware is disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations. We recycle paper, cans, cardboard and plastic.



Energy SavingOur office IT Infrastructure has been provisioned with energy saving in mind. We make use of a managed power system to ensure that idle hardware does not consume resources unnecessarily. We also host our website in a green datacentre which uses a cold aisle containment system. By completely separating hot and cold air flows, cooling efficiency is improved by up to 40%, reducing the environmental footprint of our services.


Unless otherwise selected, all Ionic Balance Bands ordered via our website are sent without retail packaging. This saves on unnecessary extra packaging when most customers put the product straight on and discard the packaging.