Ionic Balance wristbands emit up to a massive 4421 negative ions (anions) per cm³ per second! Why can no-one match us? We use our unique hybrid tourmaline/silicone formula which has been perfected after years of development.


We designed the bracelet from scratch to ensure a comfortable fit and a practical and fashionable appearance. The bracelet stretches approximately 20% to fit over the hand. It can be worn in the shower, swimming pool, sauna, steamroom and solarium! Try doing that with a fabric or titanium band!

Scientifically Tested

In November 2012 our Double Blind Placebo Crossover Human Clinical Study was published. This study is specific to the Ionic Balance Band and our proprietary formula. You can read the full study here.


Because Ionic Balance Bands don't contain magnets, they are safe to wear for pregnant women and pacemaker users. If you are unsure if your medical device will be affected please ask your doctor or healthcare professional. All Ionic Balance products are CE Marked and comply with all European Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Legislation.

Video Proof

See our video below which shows one of our bands emitting 4421 negative ions per cm³ per second. Ask yourself why there is very little video evidence from our competitors showing their product's output?

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% happy with ANY Ionic Balance product, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. No quibble, no questions asked. See our Returns page for more information.

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our MK2 bands that we now offer a Lifetime Warranty. See our Warranty page for more information.

Customer Service

We can be contacted via Telephone, Email, Facebook and Twitter! We are here to help. Our contact page is here. We like to interact with our fans, we currently have more Facebook fans and Twitter Followers than any other Negative Ion Wristband manufacturer...IN THE WORLD! Come and say "Hi!" If you prefer to give us a call, our call centre is UK based and we aim to answer within 5 rings. Or why not pop into our Head Office for a chat if you are in our neck of the woods.


Ionic Balance is a company that is here for the long run. We are not the UK agents for someone else's product, we are Ionic Balance. We have complete faith in our products and will continue to develop and improve our product range in the years to come. Other companies have come and gone; we are here to stay. Established 2008.


Competitor Comparisons - The Facts!

Units measured in Negative Ions per cm³ per second

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-Ion Output


Balance Tests





Ionic Balance up to 4421 NO 50,365 52,711
Quality Strength 1174 YES 493 N/A
Energy Armor Superband 948 YES 1058 49
Lifestrength 768 YES 82 455
Trion:Z Dual Loop 643 NO 6,428 1,433
NPB Sports Bracelet 552 YES 12 142
Energy Armor 387 YES 1058 49
Trion:Z Active 383 NO 6,428 1,433
NPB Ion Balance 133 YES 12 142
Life Force 132 YES N/A N/A
Energy Factor 108 YES 109 281
NE Balance 107 YES N/A N/A
EFX Silicone Sport 30 YES 9,936 722
Harmony Balance 21 YES N/A N/A


With so many "Power Bands" out there, make sure you shop around and make an informed choice. Don't settle for less, Ionic Balance is MAXIMUM STRENGTH!

Balance Tests

Balance Tests or Applied Kinesiology Tests are highly subjective tests and very easy to manipulate to show amazing results of instant increases in strength and balance. AVOID any product that relies on these tests as it is purely a selling tool to get that impulse buy. See our video below that exposes these tests and shows you how they are faked.

Instant Results

There is not a product, potion or pill in this world that will give you "instant results". Any company promising this should be immediately discounted.

Holographic Technology

Any product that tells you that the mylar holograms have a magic frequency inside them is a scam. There is no scientific evidence to support this. Some claim that the more holograms the better! Are you buying a wristband or a razor?! Even products that do have negative ion properties but also claim that the holograms contain frequencies should also be avoided as they are being dishonest with the consumer, and if they can do this - what else are they not being truthful about? The Ionic Balance mylar hologram is purely for aesthetics.

Negative Ion Testing

Some companies will show videos on their websites showing their products being tested with a "Negative Ion Tester". Does the tester look like a cheap digital thermometer from eBay? Is the product tested in a lab or on a table in a room or factory? Ionic Balance wristbands are tested in a temperature and humidity controlled laboratory environment which contains the latest testing technology to ensure accurate real world performance. We use the COM SYSTEMS 3010 Pro Negative Ion Tester - the industry standard.

Its All About the Tourmaline

Tourmaline = Negative Ions, Far Infrared and Alpha Waves. Other minerals have ionic properties and some companies exploit this to make a cheap blend of negative ion emitting minerals. For example, if you blend Tourmaline and Zeolite together you will get a higher negative ion output than using either one alone BUT the less Tourmaline you use, the less output you get in regards to Far Infrared and Alpha Waves.

Testimonials / Reviews

Beware of companies with no online reviews. Do they have a facebook page for user feedback? Are any of the reviews praising customer service as well as product performance? Are the reviews recent? Do the reviews even have a date on them?!

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Some companies tell you that the more bands you wear, the better the results. This is a simple trick to encourage you to buy several bands. Depending on the strength of the band this can give you a dose of negative ions which which be higher than ideal natural conditions and we would not advise this.

White "Whites"

Black Tourmaline when ground up, becomes a greyish powder. Any rival product that has a pure white wristband (or even clear wristband) in their product line up can only be using trace amounts of Tourmaline so as not to affect the colouration of the band. This is why we supply a cream wristband - its the closest we could get to white without changing our formula. This is clearly demonstrated in this video.


Does the company have a phone number? Can you speak to an actual person if there is a problem with your order? UK Trading Standards recommend purchasing from an online retailer with a phone number, so you can speak to an actual person if there is a problem with your order.

Money Back Guarantee

Does the company have a Money Back Guarantee Period? We have a 30 day NO QUIBBLE money back guarantee period. Just return your product within the 30 days guarantee period together with proof of purchase and in the original packaging for a full refund.